Because the calls made with your Smart Cloud PBX System will be running through your internet connection, it’s really important that your data plan can carry the weight of both your general internet use and your phone calls. Some service providers might suggest you can only do this with two dedicated data services – one for your internet use, and one for your VoIP calls.This isn’t always the case, and we will explain why in a moment.For now, we want you to understand why we provide our services the way we do.

Why we'll only Supply the PBX if we Supply the Internet

It’s simple: We only trust our own internet service to give you the quality you deserve.
While it might seem like we are trying to give ourselves a better deal, the real truth is that we are dedicated to making sure your internet works for your PBX system. We want it to run smoothly, just as much as you do.

A lot of other carriers actually give you the impression that your internet has enough bandwidth for your VoIP calls AND your general internet use, but the speed they promise is not always the speed you get. Instead, it’s a speed based on the assumption that their other internet customers aren’t going to be using all of their bandwidth at the same time. And don’t forget, they’ve also made this promise to everybody else.

It’s like having two hoses attached to one tap – when they are both going at the same time, the speed of the water coming out slows down for both.

Other carriers do this because it means that they can jam as many customers as possible into their service – we’ll leave you to put two and two together to see why they would do that.

We don't do that!

We actually want your PBX system to run smoothly from the moment is it installed in your office. We don’t over-share our services, so we don’t need the quality of your connection to depend on what our other clients are doing.
When we tell you that you’ll get a certain speed, you’ll get it. And if it ever turns out that your Smart Cloud PBX System isn’t working the way you want, we know that WE CAN FIX IT for you.

That’s why we’ll only sell our PBX System if it runs on an aconnect data connection.

When you might need a second connection

Depending on the size of your office system, and how you use the phone and internet, it is most likely that your data plan with bandwidth that will be able to manage both at the same time, with no interruption to the quality and reliability of your calls.

However, if you have a very large internet and phone network, there are some factors that can really interrupt the smooth running of your phone system, such as a staff member watching a YouTube video on their lunch break, or someone downloading a large file.

In this case, the best solution to make absolutely certain that your phone calls will never be interrupted by general internet usage is to have a dedicated internet connection that is used purely for your Smart Cloud PBX System, and is entirely separate from the internet connection used for general use.

Unify your Business Communications

Your Smart Office PBX system knows what you want out of your business communications. Connecting multiple offices, mobile agents, and even integrated devices internationally, there’s never been a simpler or more efficient way to manage your office telephone network.

Find out how it works

The Benefits of a Smart Cloud PBX system are pretty impressive. Check them out for yourself.

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