Call forwarding is good for your business

Why Call Forwarding is good for your Business

Customers don’t like it when their call to a business goes unanswered, or even when they have to leave a message on voicemail. Even worse is if it’s a potential customer; they’ll simply call another business to get the service or product they need.

Most business take advantage of call forwarding services as part of their business phone plans, having calls that go unanswered in the office forwarded to a different site or to a mobile device.

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The biggest advantage with call forwarding is the most obvious one; availability. Sometimes, the phone in the office simply can’t be attended during every working hour. But just because there isn’t someone in the office, doesn’t mean the phone will stop ringing. That’s where a call forwarding service can send the call to a mobile or even home phone number and, with some services, just keep forwarding to different numbers until someone is able to answer it. What’s also great is that it means a caller can avoid having to leave a voice message, which can be inconvenient, impersonal and comes with the risk that a message won’t remain private, or won’t get to the individual it was aimed at.

In the case of small businesses, it isn’t practical to have someone attend the phone in the office all day, however, when your calls are being forwarded, your phone attendant can carry out other duties and still be able to communicate with incoming callers.

Call forwarding can also give your incoming callers the impression that your business is larger and has a greater presence than it actually does. How? You can have several different numbers for your business, for different offices or different departments, and they can all be forwarded to one central number.

There’s no doubt that call forwarding is good for your business by transforming the way it deals with incoming calls. But if you want to make your user experience even greater, consider including it as part of an entire cloud based phone network for your entire office network. With an automated attendant to answer your phone, fax over IP, and even advertising to your callers while they are on hold, it could revolutionise the way you do business.
To find out more about call forwarding and other great features of a cloud based phone network, contact the AConnect team today via our contact form , or call us on 1800 327 862.

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