Choosing the right VoIP phone for your hosted pbx system

Choosing the Right VoIP Phone for your Hosted PBX Service
Choosing the right VoIP phone for your hosted PBX service is vital in the smooth installation and running of your cloud based business solution. Before you do anything, you need to establish how many employees will be connected through the service, and what kind of phones you will use to manage these connections.

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What are the options for VoIP phones?

There are several options when it comes to choosing the right VoIP phone for your hosted PBX service.

Digital IP Telephones

These are operated in exactly the same way as a regular multi-line business telephone, but they are connected directly to your internet connection using a network cable.

Soft Phones

A soft phone is actually a software program that runs on your computer. It requires a USB headset which is connected to your computer, and looks and feels just like a real telephone.

WiFi Phones

A wifi phone connects to the wireless router in your office, and looks and feels like a regular telephone.

Analog Telephone Adapters

If you want to use a regular telephone with your VoIP service, you will need an analog telephone adapter. This is the less expensive alternative to digital office phones.

What’s next?

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