The word “compute” finds application is several topics, most especially in computer technology. It is best an individual has an understanding of the word based on his/ her field, or area of specialization.

Etymologically, the word can be tied to both French and Latin origin, and can take the form of a verb or a noun. In the simplest of terms, the word compute means to reckon or calculate. It wouldn’t mean less if seen as the determination of an outcome by calculation. It could also mean to use a calculator or a computer.

The word compute can also connote whether a thing makes sense (adds up) or not. Therefore, the meaning varies based on context. But irrespective of the context of usage, the word generally describes deduction of facts or information, from a series of actions.

Although when mentioned these days, the word brings up the image of using a computer and performing some calculations. It is the manipulation of the basic element (data) fed into computers for processing, to yield the plethora of information available to users of computer technology. Compute is also sometimes referred to as Big Compute as a playoff of the popular Big Data term


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