Do I Do I need an automatic answering service?

It’s not news that first impressions are the most important impressions, especially in business. That’s why your business needs to be in top form from the moment you receive an incoming call. But what happens when your lines are busy, or there’s just too many calls for your secretary to handle at once? You can either leave incoming callers with an unanswered call, a ‘busy’ tone, or you can make sure that, no matter what, every call will be answered.
A telephone answering service will ensure that your business can continue running smoothly no matter how many incoming calls come your way and, more importantly, that you give every potential customer the first impression you want.
Here are seven reasons your business does need an automatic answering service.


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1. Never miss a potential customer again

When people are calling to find out about a product or service, they expect that a business will answer the call. If they don’t, there’s a good chance they might call another business (because people want answers fast). Even worse, they might share with the world their thoughts about your business not answering. Take a look at how unanswered calls might be ruining your business .


2. Save money on hiring a receptionist

If the running of your business requires most of your time each day, it can be difficult to answer every call. But hiring a receptionist can be expensive. An automatic answering service can solve this conundrum by making sure your calls are answered professionally without the added cost of hiring a person to do the job.


3. Give callers the impression that your business is larger than it really is

This isn’t about deceiving your callers (ok, maybe a little), but more about presenting your business in the most professional manner possible. You may have four people in your office, but several different areas of enquiry for your callers. If you present six different options (sales, billing, support etc.), they don’t all have to go to different extensions. You may have only one or two people waiting to take the call, but your caller doesn’t have to know that. They will feel confident in your business knowing that you are organising your calls to better their experience.


4. Make sure each call goes to the right person

If you have several departments in your business, connecting people to the right place for their enquiry can be a hassle (and it might take several attempts to get it right). An automatic answering service can do the work for you – simply give your incoming callers options, and send them straight to where they want to go.


5. Personalised messages to support your callers

With an automatic answering service, you can personalise messages in a range of professional voices that present your business in the way you want. Callers choose who they want to speak to, about what, and take comfort that you aren’t wasting their time.


6. Promote your business and services

While your callers are on hold, you can play them personalised messages that promote products, services, or even help them to prepare for when their call will be answered. For example, if they have a billing enquiry, you can remind them to have their reference number ready for the attendant who answers their call.


7. Increase the productivity of your staff

Everyone has a job to do in the office, but if your staff are constantly having to answer telephone enquiries, their regular tasks can be pushed further and further down the priority list. With an automated answering service, your staff only have to answer calls that are relevant to them, which saves time and increases productivity.


Does my business need an automatic answering service?

Yes. Well, in our opinion, it does.
While every benefit is not listed here, the advantages are clear. Any business can see improvements to productivity, savings, and quality customer care. If these things are important to you and your business, then you need an automatic answering service.
Find out about AConnects Digital Secretary , an automatic phone answering service has all the benefits listed her and more. You can connect with us today via our contact form , or call us on 1800 327 862.

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