Get connected to the nbn

How to get connected to the National Broadband Network

If you want to get connected to the nbn , it’s definitely a good idea, because it won’t be too long before you have no choice .

The good news is, it is quite easy to transfer your existing internet over to the nbn, and it can be done in two simple steps.

First thing’s first

You need to decide on an nbn service provider. It may seem obvious to go with Telstra or Optus, because we are bombarded with advertisements about how fast and reliable they are. But it’s worth looking into smaller, local providers, too. You might find they can offer a more personal and reliable service with better support.

The process of installation

When you decide on the provider you will use to get connected to the nbn, they will install the necessary equipment in your home or business. The box they will install in your home is called a National Termination Device (NTD). It links your internet router and telephone to your nbn service. The NTD has a fibre outlet that connects you directly to the national broadband network. It will have to be attached to a main power supply, but also has a battery that will back up the device if you have a power failure in your mains electricity.

You’re on your way

Once your service provider has installed the NTD and made sure everything is connected as it should be, you are ready to set up your network. Your service provide should make it easy for you to do this, providing all of the information you need to connect all devices in your home or business to your nbn service.

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