How to create a great business voicemail recording

How to create a great business voicemail greeting

We’ve talked about what not to do in your business voicemail , now it’s time to look at what you can do to professionalise your business and make a good impression on your callers.
You have to think of every missed call as a potential customer, which is why you want them to either call back, or leave a message and patiently await your return call, before they get in touch with your competition. A great business voicemail greeting is crucial in making this happen.


Tips on how to create a great business voicemail greeting

Think about what your caller wants from you Are you selling a service? A product? Advice? Information? It may sound obvious, but if you think about why a person will call you, and what they want, then you can give them support even when nobody can answer the phone. For example, if your product is very specific, you can mention specific details briefly in your message. If you sell a general service, make sure your caller knows that you can cater to their specific needs.
Apologise that their call is unanswered
Let them know who you are It’s obvious – callers want to know they’ve reached the right business. Make it clear in your voicemail. If you have several departments, offices, or extensions, make sure they know who they are leaving a message for.
Consider your competition If you have a lot of competition, you have to work harder to make sure you don’t redirect your missed call in their direction. There are hundreds of builders in the phone book, why is your service worth waiting for? Give your caller confidence in your business.
Tell them when you expect a return call You gain trust by telling your caller that you will call back, and preferably giving them a timeframe. But only if you follow through.
If there are options, give them to your caller This could include speaking to someone in a different department, being placed in a queue, listening to opening hours, or even giving them your website or email address. Give your callers anything that will let them know that you want to hear from them.
Keep it short Most people don’t want to listen to your business history in a voicemail. Keep it short and relevant and, as above, give them options for more information if they want it. A great business voicemail recording is about 25-30 seconds, max.

If you are thinking about updating your business voicemail greeting, here’s why it is vital to the credibility of your business. You might also consider saving time and money by using a Digital Secretary to do the talking and organising for you.

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