Make the most of your on-hold callers

Why you should make the most of your on-hold callers.

We’ve all been on hold. Whether we are calling a business or government organisation, it’s a fact of life that, sometimes, you just have to wait for someone to answer.
But how many of us have had to listen to elevator music that runs on a two minute cycle for ten minutes? How many of us have hung up because, while the waiting is annoying, the music is infuriating. I know I have. I’d rather call back some other time to make my appointment, or my enquiry, or whatever I was doing.


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On Hold 3d words for waiting for assistance, help or service with great frustration


But it doesn’t have to be this way.
If you’ve got a business that receives several simultaneous incoming calls, what do your callers think of your business while they are waiting? Are they listening to silence? Dull music? Repetitive noise?
The big questions is; are you making your callers feel like you don’t care about their time?

How to make the most of your on-hold callers.

Stop wasting their time, and give them something to listen to that benefits you both. Here are some ideas:
1) Help them get organised – if they’ve pressed ‘2’ for a billing enquiry, remind them to have their reference number available for when their call is answered
2) Give them other options – it might be that your caller doesn’t know they can pay their bill or make a complaint via email. Let them know.
3) Sell them something – have they called to make an enquiry? Advertise some of your products or services while they wait. After all, you have got a captive audience.
4) Entertain them – sound silly? Maybe they could do with a good story related to your products or services. It might just make them more interested than they were when they picked up the phone.
5) Give them testimonials – use some stories from genuine clients that have used your products or services in the past.
6) All of the above – mix it up, keep it interesting to keep them interested.
On-hold caller.
Whatever you do, stop wasting the time of your captive audience, and make the most of your
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