Make UNI-V calls using your NBN connection

Make UNI-V calls using your NBN connection
If you’ve already got the NBN available in your area, chances are you are hoping to make the most of the new high speed internet connections in your home.
Many people don’t realise that the NBN doesn’t just offer internet for your PC and mobile devices. The NDT that is installed in your home, connecting you to the NBN, is also a device that you can connect your existing telephone to in order to make
What is a UNI-V Phone?
Traditionally, your home telephone service (landline) has been connected using old copper wires that connect your home to the public telephone network. These copper wires are still available, but will eventually be phased out.
How can I use UNI-V in my home?
When you have the NBN installed in your premises, you will have an NBN Utility Box outside of the building, and an NBN Connection Box and Battery Backup Unit installed inside.
The NBN Connection Box inside has two UNI-V ports. A telephone plugs into one of these ports, and there is the option to use them both for two different phone lines.
Because your telephone network is no longer connected to the old landline, your service now needs to be provided by your internet service provider (ISP). It is as easy as contacting your ISP and asking them to connect your phone to the UNI-V system.
A note on battery power
A UNI-V connection requires electricity in order to work. This is why you will have a Battery Backup Unit installed with your NBN Connection Box. If you have a power outage, the Battery Backup Unit will supply electricity to your telephone for around 5 hours. You won’t be able to make phone calls after this time, until the power is restored to your premises.

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