What you need to know about the national broadband network


It’s been difficult to ignore the buzz about the nbn™, but with all the talk and disruptions, it’s possible you’ve missed some crucial information.

Nbn™ is actually a corporation that’s owned by the Australian government. Its task has been to design, build, and operate a National Broadband Network across Australia. It may be already available in your area, or you may notice disruptions as it is being built. Either way, it’s the future of fast internet in Australia and, if you use the internet, you need to know about it.


You will not be automatically connected to the national broadband network

Once it’s available in your area, your home and business internet will need to be transferred from the old ADSL network to the nbn™. It’s a similar scenario to when we changed from analog to digital television; you will have a certain amount of time to make the switch before the old network is switched off.


AConnect can make the switch to nbn™ easy

This means you will have to choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The big guns like Telstra and Optus are already offering nbn™ packages, but it can really pay to look into alternatives. Smaller competitors can actually provide a more personal experience. This includes guaranteeing speed and offering other compatible technology solutions for your home or business set up.


AConnect does exactly that. We’re a regional provider that has already helped several homes and businesses, both large and small, develop communication strategies that make the most of the nbn™. We have a range of easy, flexible, and affordable a home and business plans available, and we’re dedicated to providing a quality service to make your transition to the nbn™ as smooth as possible.
To find out more, use our a contact form to get in touch with our friendly team, or call us on 1800 327 862.

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