Need a cloud based phone system

Does my business need a cloud based phone system?

Cloud based phone systems can deliver valuable benefits to your business communications, delivering PBX-style functions and phone calls using your internet connection. Also known as IP phone services or networks, cloud systems remove the need for expensive PBX equipment, multiple landlines, and can dramatically reduce the cost of phone calls within your business network.

It is a smart and effective way to manage your business communication, and is especially valuable in organising incoming calls by managing queues, diverting calls, and communicating with your clients before anyone has even answered the phone. You can also add extensions and diversions simply with the purpose of making your business look more professional and larger than it actually is.


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Saving you money on outgoing calls

Because your phone calls are routed through your internet connection using VoIP , you no longer need to rent a traditional landline, and you won’t need to buy expensive equipment to manage several connections in your office network. This also makes is easier to connect offices as several different locations, and you can also take advantage of a cloud based network from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

This all means that your phone calls can be delivered at much lower rates, which means that a business that relies on outgoing phone calls can make significant savings.

So… does my business need a cloud based system?

If your business is growing, or you hope it will in the future, you should seriously consider whether you need a cloud based phone system. Once you have set it up, it is simple and easy to add features, extensions, and phone numbers without the need for expensive equipment and expert technicians.
To find out if a cloud based phone system can work with your business, contact the AConnect team today via our contact form , or call us on 1800 327 862.

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