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12-Bay SAS/SATA Storage Array – Single Controller & Two SFP+ 10GbE and Two 1GbE iSCSI Ports


DSN-6510 (Dlink / Network Attached Storage)

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D-Link DSN-6510

The DSN-6510 is a cost-effective 10 GbE IP SAN storage system designed for SMB and Enterprise. Available in single and dual controller configurations with GbE iSCSI, 10 GbE iSCSI and SAS interfaces, the DSN-6510 provides a flexible, intelligent, Storage Area Network (SAN) solution for data storage and virtualized server environments. With its high performance iSCSI SAN storage platform, it can provide non-stop service with a high degree of fault tolerance by using RAID technology and advanced array management features. This, coupled with a redundant controller and power supply, ensures that valuable data is never lost. 

High Availability

The DSN-6210/6510 is specially designed for high-availability applications, with its built in redundancy features you can ensure your system is never down. Both the DSN-6210 and DSN-6510 are equipped with redundancy components for major functions, such as dual power supplies and dual fan modules. They also have the option of being equipped with dual redundant RAID controllers and SAS JBOD expansion ports. These hot-pluggable modules make sure the DSN-6210/6510 is capable of providing uninterrupted network services. The fimware includes support for diffrent RAID levels, read-only or writable snapshots, Windows VSS, and volume confiuration restoration. These advanced features help to reduce and eliminate any system downtime. Also, distinct from other systems in their class, you can upgrade the fimware of the DSN-6210/6510 without going offline. The series ensures that fimware images and volume handling are protected by redundant RAID controllers. When one RAID controller is down or disconnected, the other RAID controller takes over its tasks immediately. The volumes and their related services are transferred seamlessly and simultaneously. 

Business Value-added Features

The optimized IOPS and throughput enable the DSN-6210/6510 to provide runtime-critical online services, such as cloud storage, local and remote backup, SQL, Exchange, and high-end surveillance storage. Furthermore, with the iSCSI interface, DSN-6210/6510 storage systems are ideal for virtualization environments such as VMWare, Hyper-V, and Citrix. 

Expansion Options

The capacity of the DSN-6000 Series storage arrays can be easily expanded with the addition of the DSN-6020 Expansion Enclosure, which supports up to 12 SAS and SATA hard drives. The overall capacity to can be expanded to up to 256 drive bays.  

Green Energy Savings

The DSN-6210/6510 are equipped with D-Link Green power-saving features. A hard drive can be the most power-hungry component in a SAN and can cause high operating costs. When properly confiured, the auto disk spin down feature can reduce the power consumption of hard drives to a minimum. This not only saves money by conserving power but also prolongs the life of your hard drives. The DSN-6210/6510 monitors environmental temperatures to optimize the cooling mechanism and the fan modules respond only when needed. The power supply modules are all 80 PLUS power effient, providing a more favorable power conversion rate. When combined, these power-saving features help to greatly reduce energy consumption and save the user money in power bills.




D-link is a networking equipment industry. It is a worldwide leading designer, developer and manufacturer of both networking and connectivity products. The products are usually for mass consumption, small businesses, medium businesses and enterprise market segments. It is a Taiwanese multinational company which was founded in March 1986 under the name Datex Systems INC. The company later changed its name to D-link corporations in the year 1994. The company’s headquarters is located in Sinhu 3rd road, Neihu district, Taipei, Taiwan. D-link also has offices and regional headquarters in France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, japan, Vietnam, Singapore and over 90 more countries. Their products are wireless access points, storage, switches, hubs, routers, IP cameras and DSL / cable gateways. The company can be contacted by phone on the numbers 886-2-6600-0123 or fax 886-2-6600-9898.