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12000mah Emergency Power with Clippers for Car Battery


PB-CJ12000 (Laser / Mobile Phone Accessory)

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Universal Power bank Battery Rechargeable 12,000mAh with USB, Car Starter, LED flashlight


What makes our Car Jump Starter Powerbank different Well it boils down to quality components, safety and features


With in built circuitry for  over-current, short-circuit, overload, over-voltage, over-charging and reverse polarity you can be assured that you, your equipment and your car’s sensitive electronics are protected. Furthermore all Laser powerbanks are certified safe to use and are compliant with Australian electrical safety guidelines.



Our powerbanks are precharged which means out of the box they are ready to go.


Long Life

Using high quality Lithium cells with maximum efficiency, our Powerbanks hold charge longer and typically return more than 75% charge after 6 months.(*dependent on storage conditions)


The charging tips and chargers are included.

Yes, in the (hard case) box, we include popular 9 pin (for newer Apple devices); 30 pin (for older Apple Devices) and Micro and Mini USB (for most other devices). Simply connect the multi plug cable into the PB-CJ12000 and charge away. For car starting, we include heavy duty car aligator clips (Red and Black colour coded) which has built in safety circuitry in the cable. In the pack we also include a 240v Home wall charger and a 12vDC car cigarette socket charger (note – to fully charge the powerbank, you will need more than 7 hours using the wall charger – hey, it’s 12000mAh – that’s a lot!)

High Power output gets your devices charged faster

With 2.1Amps (10.5 watts) of power output from the USB port, your devices (especially tablets and larger smartphones) will charge faster


Start your engines

With 400CCA’S (Cold Cranking Amps), you can start most engines (such as 4, 6 and some 8 cylinders as well as many diesel engines). This includes cars, boats and motorcycles(12v). In fact, you dont even need the dead / dying battery connected. The PB-CJ12000 will start a car without the car’s battery *(just on the powerbank alone).


Up to 20 car Jump starts and 7 smartphone charges

With 12,000 mAH of capacity, in independent testing, we’ve started 20 cars* with no car battery connected. So imagine the benefits here – it will not only get you back on the road, but you could re-start your car if you had to pull over or stop (like get petrol). *(the test was conducted on typcially newer 4 cylinder cars) Older cars and/or big engines may not offer the same number of charges due to the current required to turn the starter motor. Some later model V8/V10 luxury vehicles with a lot of electrical anciliaries may require a different jump start cable/plug) 120000 mAh also gets your smartphone charged about 7 times and your new tablet charged fully with some left over.

Powerful LED flashlight and emergency strobe light

with 86 lumens of lighting power the small yet powerful LED light can help you see at night and is a handy all round torch. You can get up to 120hours of torch only use making it great for camping. For attracting attention the LED light becomes a strobe (flashing) light as well.


LED charge status lights

Check the remaining capacity or charging status with the LED status lights



The PB-CJ12000 weighs less than 400 grams (so you can easily put it in your backpack, case, handbag (if you have a big one) and desk drawer. It also comes with a handy hard case if you want to store it away or take the complete kit (say if you go camping).





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