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ATEN 3.0m 3in1 VGA + 3.5mm Stereo Audio + Mic, USB KVM Cable with USB2.0 HDB-15M to SPHD-15M


2L-5303UU (Aten / Cables)

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PC Connector: HDB,USB 2.0 and Audio
Console Connector: 3in1 SPHD(Keyboard/Mouse/Video) and Video

compatible with : CS1774




Aten specializes in connectivity and management solutions in information technology, professional audio / video and green energy business. The company was established in 1979 by Shang-Chung Chen. Its headquarters is located in Xizhi District, New Taipei city, Taiwan. Their services are known worldwide. Their products are KVM Switches, remote management solutions, audio-visual switches and matrices, interface adapters, power distribution unit, information technology management systems, video products, USB peripherals and data communication. Aten had over 1630 employees as of 2014. Their website is They also have their subsidiaries in U.S.A, Belgium, Japan, U.K, Korea, China, Australia, Taiwan, and Russia. Aten is the parent company of IOGEAR. Aten is now the largest KVM switch manufacturer company in the world. Atens went public in 2003 and since then has remained the only listed KVM manufacturer in the world.