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4TB Porsche Design 3.5 USB 3.0 light-grey


STEW4000400 (LaCie / Hard Drive – External)

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  • It is hard disk of aluminum body having beautility and form full of solid feelings which Porsche design and LaCie developed jointly.
  • Being conscious of affinity with Unibody of Mac, it is refined simple, beautiful design form.
  • We cope with USB3.0 standard to realize high-speed transfer (up to 5Gbps: theoretical value) more than 10 times of USB 2.0 and can perform macroscale data movement without stress, too.
  • We adopt aluminum case of thickness approximately 5mm and realize strong body superior in solidity.
  • It is equipped with “LaCie Setup Assistant” which can choose format type of drive in Wizard form and is selectable with format which is most suitable by the OS using first.
  • It carries password protection utility “LaCie Private/Public” which adopted “AES256” cryptographic technology and protects important data strongly. (Windows/Mac correspondence)
  • Backup software which can easily back up data automatically is attached.
  • We control power consumption of hard disk by making eco-mode set in attached application “LaCie Desktop Manager” and realize high power saving effect.
  • It is eco-friendly product in conformity with “RoHS order” (we set a limit to use of specific harmful object for electric appliance, electronic equipment) of EU.
  • [global model] This product employs package of global Specifications and quick guide.



LaCie is a computer hardware company that specialises in external hard drives, flash drives, optical drives and computer monitors. The company is a subsidiary of Seagate technology. The Company LaCie was founded in 1987 in Oregon but was founded in 1989 in Paris. Their headquarters is located in Paris, France. Their website is LaCie was once two separate companies. The names of the companies are Electronique d2 and LaCie. Electronique d2 was originally in Paris, France while LaCie was originally in Portland, Oregon, USA. LaCie was purchased by Plus Development in 1990. This Plus Development was a subsidiary of Quantum. Later in March 2012, Seagate Technology announced that it would purchase the company for $186 million. The transaction was closed in 2014 and Seagate gained control of it since then.