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Korean Font Card


57X9114 (Lexmark / Printer Accessory)

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Lexmark Korean Font Card

The use of printer-resident fonts in the card improves performance and minimizes network traffic since less data is downloaded to the printer.

  • Contains 8 scalable fonts: MD_Batang, MD_BatangChe, MD_Dotum, MD_DotumChe, MD_Gulim, MD_GulimChe, MD_Gungseo and MD_GungseoChe for PostScript 3 emulation; and FixedBatang, FixedDotum, FixedGulimB, FixedGungseoung, VariableBatang, VariableDotum, VariableGulim and Variable Gungseo for PCL 6 emulation.
  • Supports Composite / Johab PostScript encoding.
  • PCL emulation supports Composite / Johab in symbol set 18H and Complete / Wansung in Symbol Set 19H which emulate the Korean Windows character sets.



Lexmark international incorporation is a private business process management, document management system, enterprise content management, managed print services, enterprise output management and printers company. The company was founded on March 27, 1991 with their headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, United States. Their official website is Their products are printers, toners, other imaging products and management services. They had a total number of 12,700 employees in December 2014. The company is privately owned by PAG Asia Capital and its parent company is Apex Technology. That same year, the company generated a revenue of US $3.711 billion, operating income of US $149.2 million, a net income of US $79 million, total assets of US $3.633 billion and total equity of US $1.281 billion.