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8-Slot Chassis-Based Managed Switch Starter Kit with DGS-6608, DGS-6600-CM-II and DGS-6600-PWR


DGS-6608-SK (Dlink / Networking – Switch)

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D-Link DGS-6608-SK

D-Link’s DGS-6600 Series chassis based switches are intelligent and high performance multi-layer LAN devices, designed for Enterprise local area networks (LAN), campus, and metropolitan area networks (MAN). Available in 4-slot and 8-slot chassis models, the DGS-6600 switches are ideal for deployment in environments that require uninterrupted running of network applications and a high level of performance, security and control.

Featuring a flexible modular architecture and industry standard compliance, the DGS-6600 switches provide scalability and a high level of investment protection for businesses to deploy Gigabit and 10-Gigabit packet switching and routing for office networking and Ethernet based Internet services to home offices. The DGS-6600 Series is equipped with high speed switch fabric, and advanced software functions, including complete IPv6 support. These switches provide the performance, high availability and future proof architecture suitable for applications of not just today, but those of the future.

Flexible Modular Design / High Availability
The DGS-6600 Series is available in two chassis models: the DGS-6608 and the DGS-6604.

The 8-slot DGS-6608 chassis reserves two open slots for control modules, and six additional slots for user-selectable I/O port modules. Each control module is equipped with its own switch fabric and management agent, and can be used for redundant backup and sharing of network load and management tasks. In addition, it provides up to 8 redundant load-sharing power supplies and a hot swappable fan module to create a very highly available chassis based device suitable for mission-critical network applications.

The 4-slot DGS-6604 chassis reserves one open slot for a control module (CPU), and three additional slots for user-selectable I/O port modules. In addition, there are four slots for redundant backup power supplies, and one slot for a replaceable fan module.

This modular architecture allows modules to be gradually added to meet network growth, and modules can be easily swapped anytime to fit network requirement changes.

Deployable as an Aggregation Switch
Using a common set of modules for 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, PoE support, SFP, and 10-Gigabit uplinks, IT personnel can fit a DGS-6600 series switch with different port types and deploy it as an aggregation (i.e. distribution) switch which can provide high port density connections to workstations in an office environment.

High Performance
The DGS-6608 8-slot switch provides a switch capacity of up to 1.152 Tbps and system performance of up to 857.14 Mpps. The DGS-6604 4-slot switch provides a switch capacity of up to 576 Gbps and system performance of up to 428.57 Mpps. To make use of this high-performance hardware, these switches utilize a distribution switching method where each line card (the port module that directly connects to the network nodes) intelligently determines the switch path for each data packet. The switches synchronize the switching and routing information between the control cards and the line cards to map out the fastest data transfer path. With each line card capable of performing L2/3/4 on-board packet switching without relying on the control cards, the DGS-6600 Series switches can deliver very fast packet forwarding at almost zero-wait speed.

High Port Densities
Port densities can reach 288 Gigabit / 96 10-Gigabit ports per 8-slot chassis, or 144 Gigabit / 48 10-Gigabit ports per 4-slot chassis. All port modules are hot-swappable without the need to change any hardware or software settings.

Application Convergence
The DGS-6600 series combines high-speed hardware with software functions such as prioritized traffic QoS and multicast routing to deliver the performance needed for real-time applications such as Internet telephony, streaming multimedia, and IPTV. In addition, these switches offer Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions to provide both electrical power and network connectivity to PoE-capable devices, such as IP phones and wireless APs, and are ideal for large-scale enterprise edge deployment. An example of this application convergence would be VoIP for mobile users via wireless access points connected through the DGS-6600 series switches.

Complete IPv6 Support
The DGS-6600 series provides complete support for IPv6 to accommodate the potential huge increase in number of users and geographical needs of Internet expansion. It addresses the requirements of emerging applications such as Internet-enabled wireless devices, home and industrial appliances, Internet connected transportation, integrated telephony services, sensor networks, and distributed computing or gaming. The use of globally unique IPv6 addresses simplifies the mechanisms used for reachability and end-to-end security for network devices. This is crucial for the applications and services that are driving the demand for IP addresses.

Enterprise-Wide Security
The DGS-6600 series provides not only network access security but also protection against virus and worm attacks. Access security is provided through comprehensive policy-based ACL, port security, and IP-MAC-Port binding features. Attacks hidden behind control protocols are thwarted, preventing the switch’s CPU from being overwhelmed with unnecessary tasks which can cause degradation to a network’s performance. The DGS-6600 series extends security to network management via such functions as SSH v2 and SNMP v3 with authentication and encryption of management traffic.

Traffic Management for Triple Play
The DGS-6600 Series implements a rich set of multilayer QoS/CoS features including flow-based bandwidth control and broadcast/multicast storm control to ensure that critical network services such as VoIP, video conferencing, IPTV, and IP surveillance are served with high priority. Bandwidth control guarantees bandwidth of these services when the network is busy. With L2 Multicast support, the DGS-6600 series is capable of handling growing IPTV applications.

MPLS Functions
The DGS-6600 Series supports advanced Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) functions that enable service providers to build next-generation intelligent networks and deliver a wide variety of advanced, value-added services over a single infrastructure. The DGS-6600 Series MPLS function allow service providers to provide point-to-point VPN service, VPWS (VLL) and point-to-multi-point VPN service, VPLS services to enterprise customers. This solution can be integrated seamlessly over any existing infrastructure, such as IP, Frame Relay, ATM, or Ethernet. Subscribers with differing access links can be aggregated on an MPLS edge without changing their current environments, as MPLS is independent of access technologies.

Green Technology
D-Link is striving to take the lead in developing innovative and power-saving technology that does not sacrifice operational performance or functionality. The DGS-6600 series incorporates D-Link Green Technology, which includes a power saving mode, Smart Fan, and Time-based PoE. The power saving feature automatically powers down ports that have no link or link partner. The Smart Fan feature allows for the built-in fans to automatically adjust their speed if a specified temperature is exceeded, providing continuous, reliable and eco-friendly operation of the switch. Time-based PoE is able to turn PoE on/off per port by a pre-defined time profile to reduce PoE power consumption.




D-link is a networking equipment industry. It is a worldwide leading designer, developer and manufacturer of both networking and connectivity products. The products are usually for mass consumption, small businesses, medium businesses and enterprise market segments. It is a Taiwanese multinational company which was founded in March 1986 under the name Datex Systems INC. The company later changed its name to D-link corporations in the year 1994. The company’s headquarters is located in Sinhu 3rd road, Neihu district, Taipei, Taiwan. D-link also has offices and regional headquarters in France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, japan, Vietnam, Singapore and over 90 more countries. Their products are wireless access points, storage, switches, hubs, routers, IP cameras and DSL / cable gateways. The company can be contacted by phone on the numbers 886-2-6600-0123 or fax 886-2-6600-9898.