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Eaton 9PX EBM 2kVA/3kVA 72V 2U Rack/Towe


9PXEBM72RT2U (Eaton / UPS)

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Rack Tower 2U Extended battery module 

Extetnded runtime with up to 4 external hot-swappable battery modules, able to run systems for hours if necessary.




Eaton is a power management company. It was founded in 1911 by Joseph Oriel Eaton II and Viggo Torbensen. Eaton corporation plc. The corporate headquarters of Eaton is located in Eaton House 30 Pembroke road Dublin 4, Ireland. Their contact numbers are 1+ (440) 523-4400 and (800) 386-1911 and website is Eaton creates and provides valuable products and solutions like lubricants, plastics, fluid conveyance, engine valves, lifters, valve actuations and more for all their customers. Their products are sold worldwide in over 175 countries and they have approximately 95,000 employees. The company consists of two sectors which are the electrical sector and the industrial sector. The electrical sector consists of products like lighting solutions and controls, electronics components, metering, monitoring and protection, rack infrastructures, residential, etc. Under the industrial sector, it is further divided into units of aerospace, vehicle, industrial clutches and brakes, plastic extrusion, filtration and hydraulics.