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Aerocool P7-C0 Black Mid Tower Case,10 color LED, Double Sides Tempered Glass panel


AER-P7-C0-BG (Aerocool / Computer Chassis)

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This LED mid-tower dual tempered glass case radiates 10 colours including three effects – always on, breathing or pulsating to suit your mood. Front mesh panel allows better airflow ensuring your components stay cool over long hours of gaming. Showcase your components with dual tempered glass and a beautiful LED front panel design that stands out amongst the crowd. Always keep your system dust free with removable dust filter for easy cleaning and improved maintenance.



  • 10 LED lighting colors with 3 LED lighting modes including breathing, solid color, and auto cycle.

  • Futuristic and modern design.

  • Dual large tempered glass panels to showcase the internal colors.

  • An additional cut-out space on the internal panel and 13mm to 29mm of space for better cable management.

  • Internal PSU cover design and supports PSU up to 220mm.

  • Supports either 280mm or 360mm liquid cooling system on front panel.

  • Supports either 120mm or 140mm liquid cooling system on rear panel.

  • Removable dust filter on the top, front, and bottom for easy cleaning and better maintenance.




Aerocool is a company dedicated to providing solutions to PC and industrial computers thermal management problems. Their corporate address is 8F-2, No. 332, Sec. 1 Duenhua S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 106, R.O.C. Their telephone number is 886-2-2706-2171. They can also be faxed on the number 886-2-2706-8253. Aerocool Advanced Technology (AAT) was founded in 2001. In recent times, Aerocool is one of the leaders in the game market. Their product is used today by gamers worldwide. They offer a voluminous line of performance products which include multi-functional panels, fans, gaming keyboard, gaming headsets, gaming headsets, gaming PSUs, gaming mouse and gaming case. They have a good creative innovative an thinking design like some nice PC cases and multi-function control panels.