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ASA USB Charger 6 ports high speed USB charger


AER-USB-CHARGER-SU2A06A-BK (Aerocool / Power Supply and Battery Pack)

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ASA USBCharger

6 ports high speed USB charger

1) 6 ports USB Desktop Charger. AC input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, DC output: 5V2.4A*6, total: 5V10A 50W
2) Smart control chip smart identification, achieve the best charging rate and avoid loss of battery life, each USB port output up to 5V2.4A
3) Synchronous rectification technology, reduce charger rectifier losses, charging efficienty reach at 88%
4) Chip-level precision current limiting, accurate level limiting all USB interface 2.8A, protecting your USB devices
5) Multi-protection safety system




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