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ALOGIC Carbon Series Plugable 70m High Speed HDMI Active Optic Cable


PAOHD-70MM (Alogic / Cables)

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ALOGIC’s Carbon Series Pluggable HDMI Active Optic Cable (AOC) is a Plug & Play HDMI solution well suited for criticaland versatile AV installations that demand flawless HDMI Signal integrity. Featuring a Micro HDMI plug with a removableHDMI plug it provides unmatched signal fidelity and transparency over a wide range of input resolution up to 100m longrun which is much beyond the normal reach of conventional copper cables in distributing HDMI.ALOGIC’s Carbon Series AOC cable holds distinctive performance advantages being thinner lighter and more flexible thancopper or even standard optical cables while providing transparent and widely compatible HDMI essential controls featureslike HPD EDID HDCP and CEC link operations. The cable jackets comply with international frame retardant requirementsand provide customers with options on CMPOF UL Plenum and Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable jacket.Best in class user experience with its integratororiented features along with existing latest advances in HDMI technologyincluding 3D 4K UHD resolution and deep colors from an HDMID or DVID interfaces. The removable HDMIA connectorsolution enable system integrators to pull the cables very effectively through small size of conduits in a number of onsiteprofessional AV installation environments.




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