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B300-H Screen Protection Film with AG & AR Technology


541383170043 (Getac / Notebook Accessory)

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Getac B300-H Screen Protection Film

Antiglare and antireflective film for Getac B300 display.




Getac Technology Corporation is in the industry that deals with rugged computers and mechanical components. The company was established in the year 1989. The headquarters of this company is located at 5F floor, building A, No 209, Nangangrd, section 1, Taipei, Taiwan. The contact details of the company are by telephone: +886-2-2785-7888, by fax +886-2-2785-2555, by email or website. The products provided by Getac are found across the continents and worldwide, ranging from military and defence, field service, telecommunications, oil and gas, transportation, law enforcement, public safety, utility to manufacturing. Within the years of their establishment till date, Getac has achieved a number of breakthroughs technology like night vision without goggles, advanced power saving technology, Quadra-clear sunlight readable display screens and resistive multi-touch display for use with gloves. Some countries that make use of these technology are the United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and China.