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Barracuda Email Security Gateway 1000


BSFI1000a (Barracuda / Firewall)

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Barracuda Email Security Gateway 1000

Comprehensive Email Governance

Secure and manage corporate communications.


For efficient, effective corporate communication and collaboration,
today’s organizations need more than just security against spam and malware.
They need a comprehensive email governance solution that combines granular
policy management, real-time visibility into email activity, and the ability to
handle massive volume and huge files. Barracuda Email Security Gateway is
today’s solution for comprehensive email governance.



Block spam and malware, encrypt sensitive emails, and filter outgoing
mail for DLP that keeps confidential information where it belongs.



Define and enforce granular email policies, get real-time insight into
email use, and enable secure transfer of large files without overloading the
mail server.


Easy to Own

Easily configure and manage the affordable, right-sized model for your
organization, while real-time updates ensure long-term value.





Barracuda networks Inc. designs and delivers security and data protection solutions. It was founded on November 17, 2004. They offer industry leading solutions designed to solve mainstream IT problems while applying efficient and cost worthy solutions. They have a range of market products which span three distinct markets which are content marketing, networking and application delivery, data storage, protection and disaster recovery. Barracuda which is a publicly traded company provides security and storage solutions that simplify IT. Some of the organisations that make use of Barracuda solutions are highly known like Coca-Cola, CitiBank, FedEx, IBM, Delta Dental, Harvard University, L’Oreal, Liberty Tax Service, Mythbusters and Spokane Public Schools among others. What they do is provide firewalls that combine computer network hardware and software to protect enterprises and hunt down network threats.