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CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO


CL-9011109-WW (Corsair / PC System Accessory)

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Corsair Lighting Node PRO

Vivid lighting effects and custom color combinations

The Corsair Lighting Node PRO provides individually addressable RGB lighting with software control for unique lighting effects and vivid illumination of your PC

Dual Channel Lighting

Control four individually addressable RGB LED strips and up to six HD RGB fans (sold separately, fan RGB LED hub required) simultaneously.

Individually Addressable RGB LED Strips

Each RGB LED strip is independently controlled – display different lighting effects and animation on each strip seperately.

USB 2.0 interface

No special interface or additional hardware is required to use the Lighting Node PRO to its full potential. Plug it into an avaiable USB 2.0 header on your motherboard

Total Control

Combiningn the Corsair Lighting Node PRO and Link software give you full control over your case lighting right from your desktop.




Corsair is a computer company that is covers a vast industry of computer peripherals, computer hardware, computer storage and computer memory. The company’s headquarters is located in 47100 Bayside Parkway Fremont, California, U.S. The company was founded in January 1994 and was reincorporated in Delaware in 2007. The current CEO and president of Corsair is Andy Paul with their website is Their contact number is +1 510-657-8747. Their products are USB flash drives, CPU and memory cooling, computer cases, ATX power supplies, DRAM modules, game peripherals and audio peripherals. The company however has a production facility in Taiwan which they use to assemble, test and package their products for distribution in centers like the United States, Europe and Asia. They also have marketing and sales offices throughout the USA, Europe and Asia. As of 2012, Corsair had a total 800 employees and a revenue of US$ 455.2 million in 2011.