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Delta Power Distribution Unit (PDU) – Metered, 0U,1-Phase Input – 230/240V IEC309-32A-3W, 1-Phase Output – 200/240V C13(24), C19(4)


PDU1315A2810001 (Delta / Server Accessory)



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Every PDU (Power Distribution Unit) released by Delta is a result of total commitment to engineering the most efficient, reliable power solutions on the market. They can be trusted for reliable power distribution while also offering protection for devices inside the rack. Data centers can select the best unit for their energy needs from Delta’s range of Basic and Metered PDUs. With the use of a Delta data center PDU, energy flows steadily to every device inside a rack cabinet. Protection and optimized power distribution begins with Delta PDUs for your data center.

Delta PDUs couldn’t be simpler to install. For both the Metered PDU and the Basic PDU, installation in Delta’s standard rack cabinets requires no tools, and brackets are provided to facilitate the installation of a power distribution unit in another brand’s rack cabinet. Both Delta units conserve valuable rack space, thanks to the Metered PDU’s Zero-U installation, and the Basic PDU’s ability to be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Each data center PDU model allows either single or three phase input voltage. They are built with the same upgradeable firmware to keep them functioning at optimal levels, and integrate with easy-to-use InfraSuite Management software. An optional Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) card can be installed to enable remote monitoring of the units. Both units come equipped with branch circuit breaker protection for safety, and the Metered PDU includes a convenient LED current display and overload warning indicator.

Metered PDU


  • Tool-less installation in Delta’s standard rack cabinets
  • Brackets included for mounting in other brands’ rack cabinets
  • Zero-U installation saving valuable rack space
  • Single or three phase input voltage available


  • LED current (rms value) display and overload warning indicator
  • Branch circuit breaker protection
  • International standards of cables and power plugs/receptacle


  • Upgradable firmware for maintaining optimal function
  • Integrated with the InfraSuite management software
  • Optional SNMP card for remote monitoring

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