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Da Vinci Super-XYZ daVinci Super 3D Printer


DV-SUPER (XYZ / 3D Printer)



Da Vinci Super-XYZ daVinci Super 3D Printer

The da Vinci Super is XYZprinting’s largest build volume yet and has multiple filament compatibility and hardware upgrades that allow users to print out reliable, high-performance models. The da Vinci Super is suitable for use in various applications, from engineering to small businesses, due to its ease of use when creating high-precision parts.

Multiple Filaments to Choose From
The da Vinci Super supports up to 5 different kinds of filament materials, including ABS, PLA, TPE, Tough PLA, and PETG. This allows you to print a variety of materials for varying results
while only using one 3D printer.
* Carbon, Metal, and Nylon will be available in Q1, 2018.

Open Filament System
The da Vinci Super has an open filament system, allowing it to be compatible with 3rd party 1.75mm filaments. The noozle
temperature up to 300°C.

Power Failure Recovery and Pause, Restart Prints
When the power is unpredically shut off, the printer will save your printing data, so that after the power is restored, the printer will
return to where it left off and continue working. And the da Vinci Super also saves your print data so you can pause and restart
prints without any issue.

Upgraded Hardware for Better Functionality
Upgraded with automatic platform calibration, heat-resistant glass printing platform, intelligent quick-release nozzle and and intuitive interface, the da Vinci Super is easy to use and allows you large objects without sacrificing quality or user experience.

Safety First
The printing process will stop when the front door or top cap is open during printing. This prevents younger children from touching the moving parts inside.