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eBAU108 External Slim USB 2.0 DVDRW (White), DVD+RW (8X), Weight: 220g


EBAU108-WHT (Lite-on / Optical Drive)

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Lite-On eBAU108-WHT

The ultra-slender and ultra-chic eBAU108 is the world’s lightest external DVD drive, is merely 220grams and 13.5mm height that easily slips into your bag whenever you need to use an optical drive. The USB-powered design makes eBAU108 more portable and convenient to take with you. It is today the best business travel companion for mobile professionals. The most advanced features are integrated into an eBAU108 of slender portable DVD burners, driver-free USB interface, Smart-Burn, read speed adjustment, TV compatibility, all enclosed in a slim minimalist design.


Ultra Slender & Light
Weighing less than 220 grams, only 13.5mm high, and a compact 140mm by 136mm, it’s the lightest DVD burner in the world and the perfect companion for small or ultra-light notebook. The easy to carry eBAU108 is ideal whether you want to watch DVDs, backup data, install applications, or burn a disc for a friend.
USB Powered, No Adapter Needed
The drive takes the electricity it requires directly from your laptop’s USB port, just plug and play. No extra power cords, no bulky adapters, no extra weight need to be carried.
Plug & Play Simplicity
No need to install a driver, just connect to a USB port and use. Compatible with all major operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Linux, and MAC OS.
Smart-Burn for the Best Disc Burning
SMART Burn technology always ensures the best possible burn. Smart enough to automatically adjust a whole range of settings including recording power and correction system, it can even protect against buffer underrun. Get total confidence in your disc burns.
Smart-X Optimized Read Speed
SMART-X technology knows that when you’re watching DVDs you want it quiet, and when you’re copying data you want it fast. It adjusts the maximum data read speed according to the task and the disc’s quality. You’ll always get best read quality, the best read speed, and the quietest operation for whatever you’re doing!
Link2TV – Extensive TV Compatibility
Attach Link2TV-enabled optical drive to any television that supports flash drives and other USB devices to view video, music and picture files. It offers simple and intuitive operation, just press the eject button for five seconds to switch your optical disc drive into Link2TV mode.
Support M-DISC™ – Permanent Digital Storage Solution
Did you know that most digital storage media begin to lose data after only 3-5 years The M-DISC™ is made of materials certified and proven to last over 1,000 years, and it is the first permanent digital storage solution. The combination of eBAU108 and the M-DISC™ offers the best archival data storage solution anywhere. No more worrying about losing something you consider irreplaceable.



Liteon Technology Corporation is a leading company in the design, development and manufacturing of solid state drives, optical disk drives and embedded flash products. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in No. 392, Ruey Kuang road, Neihu D Taipei 114, Taiwan. Their contact numbers are by phone on +8862.87982888 or by fax on +8862.87982866. The company’s website is In the year 1999, Liteon industry created a division called Liteon IT in order to focus on the optical drive industry. Later on in 2002, Liteon IT added a new business unit called Digital Consumer to leverage their competencies in optical storage from the IT industry in the consumer space. Eventually in June 2014, Liteon IT was eradicated as it merged into Liteon Technology Corporations. Their products are power supplies, consumer electronics, and optoelectronic products.