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Flexible Arm Visualiser (Foldable type)(5M, 200X zoom capabilities and image streaming via HDMI)


F50HD (Aver / Power Supply and Battery Pack)



AVerVision F50HD

5M, 200X zoom capabilities and image streaming via HDMI

Effortlessly accomplish numerous tasks with all new generation AVerVision F50HD flexible arm visualizer (document camera). Featuring advanced image streaming via HDMI input/output, F50HD allows you to engage students by capturing crystal clear images and displaying them in brilliant full HD output resolution. Its impressive 200X zooming capabilities ensures you to examine the finest details of any objects. F50HD comes with the handy onboard annotation tool, letting you swiftly and simply annotate over captured images without a PC. Plus the complimentary full-featured A+ Suite visualizer (document camera) software gives you an array of presentation tools to maximize the effectiveness of any lesson.

Smooth 30fps one-touch recording

All the sounds and excitement of live experiments, head-to-head debates and object examination are captured perfectly for future use both in class and at home through F50HD’s lag-free 30fps recording directly to an SDHC card or USB flash drive. Easily upload from the PC/Mac onto the Internet for students to study or review outside class.

Agile 8X optical zoom

See minuscule objects and live specimens in fantastic detail thanks to F50HD’s impressive 8X optical zoom capabilities, or magnify the objects up to 200X total zoom to have an even closer look at what’s going on under the lens.

Advanced full HD image streaming via HDMI

HDMI input and output allow teachers to make high-resolution, interactive multimedia presentations. F50HD’s advanced and versatile connectivity is compatible with all current PCs, laptops and projectors, and ensures the highest quality image transmission – no HDMI to VGA convertor required.

Innovative onboard annotation tool

Quickly make digital notes on still images with a USB mouse and save them for future use or modification. Hand the mouse over to the students to create an added degree of excitement and interaction that will turn any activity into an instant class favorite.

Explore new possibilities with A+ Suite

A+ Suite provides teachers with a range of interactive software to realize the full potential of their AVer visualizer. Integrate live images seamlessly into existing teaching material, while maintaining easy access to camera functions and tools, such as annotation, recording, image capture and picture-in-picture.




Aver is an education and business communication technology company manufacturer. The company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered inNew Taipei City, Taiwan. Aver ranks among the world’s top three producers of visualizers globally and has been the market leader in the United States and Western Europe since 2009. The company placed an initial public offering (IPO) on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on August 25, 2011. Aver, enables healthcare payers and providers to design, implement, administer, extract, analyze, compare value-based programs and share data from different operational systems throughout an organization. It is an international company with branch offices located in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, China, Japan and the United States as well as local sales representatives in Germany, Korea and Thailand.