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Gigabyte XTREME GAMING SLI Bridge 6cm (1 Slot Spacing) HB SLI with LED lighting


GC-X2WAYSLI (Gigabyte / PC System Accessory)

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Supports 2 way SLI on NVIDIA GTX 10 series graphics card
Supports Dual Link SLI HB (high bandwidth)
Optimized for 4K+ resolution
Xtreme Gaming logo LED illumination
1 slot PCI-E spacing




Gigabyte technology co. ltd. is a company that manufactures and distributes computer hardware products internationally. The company is in the industry of computer hardware and electronics. It is currently a public company and was founded in 1986 by Pei-Chen Yeh. Their headquarters is located in No. 6, Baoqiang road, Xindian district, New Taipei city 231, Taiwan. The company’s official website is (global English) or (traditional Chinese). They can also be contacted by phone on +886-2-8912-4000 or by fax on +866-2-8912-4005. Their products are air cooling equipment, computer cases, computer peripherals (like keyboard, mouse, headsets etc.), graphics cards, motherboards, notebooks, power supplies, server hardware and smart phones. In the year 2012 the company had a total of 7,100 employees. The company distributes their products worldwide and in 2013 they made a profit of US$ 78.9 million.