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Intel Thermal Solution STS200C,Combo Heatsink /w fan,LGA2011


BXSTS200C (Intel / Cooling Fan)

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Intel Passive/Active Combination Heat-Sink with Removable Fan

Intel Boxed Thermal Solution, heat sink combo with removable fan supports E5-2600 processors. For use with non-Intel chassis.




Intel Corporation is a multinational corporation and technology company which is under the industry of semiconductors. The company was founded on July 18, 1968 by two men. The names of the founders are Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce. The two men where semiconductor pioneers. Intel Corporation’s headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California, United States. Their website is Intel manufactures network interface controllers, flash memory, motherboard chipsets, mobile phones, flash memory, microprocessors, solid state drives, central processing units, Bluetooth chipsets, embedded processors, integrated circuits and many other devices which are related to computing and communications. Intel purchased McAfee in the year 2010 for $ 7.68 billion. McAfee is a manufacturer of computer security technology. Intel bought some other assets from different companies. One such was in March 2011 when Intel bought majority of the assets of Cairo-based SySDSoft.