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IPDS eMMC Card (MS510, MS610dn)


35S2993 (Lexmark / Printer Accessory)

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This Card supports AFP/IPDS printing from an IBM iSeries or IBM zSeriescomputer over TCP/IP to LAN printers.

AFP/IPDS printing

Print either host-based or client-based output on your network-attachedLexmark laser printer. With a Lexmark Card for IPDS option, use your MFP orprinter for both network printing and for IBM iSeries (AS/400) or IBM zSeriescomputer jobs.Print bar codes, forms, publications and graphics closer to yourend users, giving you the associated cost and time savings from truedistributed printing. So now direct your AFP/IPDS output using the TCP/IPprotocol.

Colour printing to shades of grey

Supports Function Set 45 (FS 45) for full colour printing. Color ManagementObject Content Architecture (CMOCA) resource support for colour printing.Colour documents are transformed into black and shades of grey based on theColour Mode setting.

Maximise productivity

Locate your printer wherever you need it to maximise its productivity. WithLexmark’s SmartSwitch auto-emulation sensing built into every Lexmark laserprinter, your printer will automatically switch to the proper documentlanguage, whether it is IPDS, PostScript or PCL™. Configure IPDS configurationsettings using the MarkNet™ print server’s resident web server, a browser andthe printer’s IP address.

Notable Features

Host Resource Resolution is sensed (Auto) to enable support for 240, 300and 600 dpi. Supports 2-dimensional bar codes such as PDF 417, DataMatrix,Maxicode and Quick Response(QR). Supports 1-dimensional bar codes such as Code128, US Postal bar codes including PLANET and Intelligent Mail Container, RoyalMail bar codes including Red Tag and other retail and postal bar codes.

Font Capture to Reduce Network Traffic

Using Print Services Facility (PSF), capture fonts (including Chinese,Korean and Japanese), either TrueType, bitmaps or outlines, to hard disk or toflash memory resulting in reduced network traffic.


Only one of these cards may be used at any time: Forms and Bar Code, Cardfor IPDS, Card for PRESCRIBE or Lexmark PrintCryption Card. These cards areinstalled in the same single connector.



Lexmark international incorporation is a private business process management, document management system, enterprise content management, managed print services, enterprise output management and printers company. The company was founded on March 27, 1991 with their headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, United States. Their official website is Their products are printers, toners, other imaging products and management services. They had a total number of 12,700 employees in December 2014. The company is privately owned by PAG Asia Capital and its parent company is Apex Technology. That same year, the company generated a revenue of US $3.711 billion, operating income of US $149.2 million, a net income of US $79 million, total assets of US $3.633 billion and total equity of US $1.281 billion.