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HP Jetdirect ew2500 802.11b/g Wireless Print Server


JD2500(J8021A) (HP / Printer Accessory)

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HP JetDirect EW2500 802.11b/g Wireless Print Server

Integrate printers and MFPs into your wireless network with added security. Send and print documents protected by IPsec, 802.11x and several encryption options. Plus, setup and installation are easy for a variety of printers, systems and protocols.

Wide range of printing environments seeking to integrate printers and MFPs securely into their wireless network.


Protect your wireless printing data.

  • Get fast authentication and point-to-point encryption across your IP network with IPsec.
  • Protect your data with several security features—802.1x, SNMPv3, WPA2 Enterprise (including EAP-TLS, PEAP, LEAP, CCMP, AES and TKIP) and WEP encryption.
  • Experience the next-generation network features of IPv6—more IP addresses and improved routing and autoconfiguration.

Share printers on a wireless or Ethernet network.

  • Share your printer wirelessly across a 802.11b/g wireless network.
  • Get fast, wired connectivity with 10/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet support.
  • Connect to a broad range of operating systems, network protocols and HP printers.

Get connected fast with easy setup.

  • Installation is easy. Connect, configure and get straight to printing.
  • Easily set up wireless printing, using the HP Install Network Printer Wizard.
  • Monitor the server status with convenient status lights and a test button.
  • Manage your printers remotely, using HP Web Jetadmin.