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Lenovo XClarity Pro, per Managed Chassis w/3 Yr SW S&S


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Lenovo XClarity™ Administrator

Lenovo XClarity™ Administrator is centralized resource management solution that is aimed at reducing complexity, speeding response, and enhancing the availability of Lenovo® server systems and solutions. It provides agent-free hardware management for System x® rack servers and Flex System™ compute nodes and components, including the Chassis Management Module and Flex System I/O modules.

The administration dashboard that is based on HTML 5 allows fast location of resources so tasks can be run quickly. Because Lenovo XClarity Administrator does not include any agent software that is installed on the managed endpoints, there are no CPU cycles spent on agent execution and no memory is used, which means that up to 1GB of RAM and 1 – 2% CPU usage is saved, compared to a typical managed system where an agent is required.

The Lenovo XClarity Administrator family features the following members:

  1. Lenovo XClarity Administrator
  2. Lenovo XClarity Pro, a bundle that includes Lenovo XClarity Administrator and Lenovo XClarity Integrators for VMware vCenter and Microsoft System Center

Lenovo XClarity Administrator Functions 

Discovery – Fast time to value is realized through automatic discovery of existing or new Lenovo System x rack servers and Flex System infrastructure. Inventory of the discovered endpoints is gathered, so the managed hardware inventory and its status can be viewed-at-a-glance.

Inventory – Lenovo XClarity can be integrated into external, higher level management, automation, and orchestration platforms through open REST application programming interfaces (APIs). This means Lenovo XClarity can easily integrate with your existing management infrastructure.

Monitoring – A centralized view of events and alerts that are generated from managed endpoints, such as Flex System chassis, System x servers, and Flex System switches is available. When an issue is detected by a managed endpoint, an event is passed to Lenovo XClarity Administrator. Alerts and events are visible via the XClarity Administrator Dashboard, the Status bar, and the Alerts and Events detail for the specific system.

Firmware updates – Firmware management is simplified by assigning compliance policies to managed endpoints. The compliance policy can be created and XClarity Administrator monitors changes to the hardware inventory, flagging any down level non-compliant systems.

Firmware compliance – If you must be compliant with NIST SP 800-131A or FIPS 140-2, Lenovo XClarity Administrator can help you meet that compliance. Lenovo XClarity Administrator supports self-signed SSL certificates (issued by an internal certificate authority) or external SSL certificates (private or commercial CA). Lenovo XClarity includes an audit log that provides a historical record of user actions, such as logging on, creating users, or changing user passwords.

Configuration management – Configuration management uses pattern-based configurations to quickly provision and re-provision a single server or multiple servers and compute nodes, all with a single set of configuration settings. Address pools can be configured to assist with deployments. Category patterns are used to create configuration patterns, which can be deployed to server profiles.

Deployment of operating systems and hypervisors to bare metal servers – Provisioning enables management of firmware, configuration, and bare metal deployment. VMware ESXi, Windows Server and Red Hat Linux images can be imported and held in a repository for images. Up to 28 OS images can be deployed concurrently.

Product Information 

Lenovo XClarity Administrator is available in two editions: Lenovo XClarity Administrator or Lenovo XClarity Pro. Both editions are available with a 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year software subscription and support. Lenovo XClarity Administrator and Lenovo XClarity Pro are available on a per managed server or per managed Chassis Basis; the per chassis licenses offer a more cost effective way of purchasing licenses for the Flex environment. The one-time charge for the product includes the license, software subscription, and support. It is delivered as a software virtual appliance via the Passport Advantage online licensing.

Note: Many clients might have a service and support agreement in place with IBM Flex System Manager, IBM Systems Director Standard Edition, or IBM Fabric Manager (Standalone). If you have such an agreement in place, you might be entitled to Lenovo XClarity Pro at no other cost.




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