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28″ wide, TN, 3840×2160 UHD, ~2ms, 170/160 viewing angle, 1B colours, 60Hz refresh rate, 75×75 VESA, Display Port, 2xHDMI, Headphone


LU28E590DS/XY (Samsung / LCD Monitor)

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Samsung 28″ UHD monitor with premium metallic stand

Prepare yourself for an eye opening experience
The Samsung UHD monitor offers PC viewing, gaming and more on an Ultra High Definition screen. With 4 times the pixels of Samsung Full HD monitors and incredible colours, this UHD monitor helps bring images to life with amazing realism. A fast response time handles fast moving scenes in movies and games, and great connectivity and Game Mode mean it’s equipped for a rich gaming experience. Multi-linking features like PIP 2.0 and PBP help keep the original source resolution. Thanks to an elegant and simple design, you can enjoy amazing viewing.

Discover the detail of UHD picture quality
Your UHD monitor has 4 times the pixels of Samsung Full HD monitors, which can deliver stunning images that use a staggering 8 million pixels. With a high brightness level, it’s also vivid and brilliantly clear. See your UHD content the way it was meant to be seen, with a level of lifelike detail that helps make you feel like you’re really there.
Fast response time at 2ms
Your Samsung UHD monitor can handle the excitement of your action movies, games and sports easily thanks to a fast response time of 2 milliseconds. You can see fast on-screen motion clearly and smoothly without motion blur, judder or ghosting. There’s little lag during gaming, so it won’t let you down at a crucial moment.
Rich, detailed and brilliant colours 
Get rich and vivid colours that were meant to be seen in ultra high definition. That means almost everything you see is accurate, detailed, natural-looking and so vivid that it will take your breath away. There’s also a smooth transition between different tones, passing through a range of shades in between. Let the Samsung UHD monitor show you almost everything that there is to be seen.
Sharp content with upscaling
Bring out the great picture quality for your favourite content and make them worthy of your UHD experience. Samsung’s technology automatically detects the content’s original resolution and helps to maximise it with noise reduction and up-conversion to help create clear, sharp images.
Multi-task and watch your content in its true glory
Samsung’s latest Picture-in-Picture 2.0 technology lets you multi-task and watch videos that maintain the source resolution. PIP 2.0 supports resolutions up to Full HD and allows you to adjust the PIP resolution and position to fit your needs.

Use only one UHD monitor to see 2 different pieces of content
With Picture-by-Picture (PBP), you can connect two compatible PCs to the same monitor and see the desktops of both simultaneously on one screen that’s divided into two. Thanks to PBP and the UHD 1 resolution size you won’t have to worry about losing the picture quality and resolution. Plug in your compatible laptop and your compatible desktop and use both easily without needing to keep looking between different monitors – it’s there at a glance.
Help maximise your gaming experience with just one button
Get great viewing for games with just one touch of a button. Game Mode adjusts your monitor’s settings quickly to help give you an excellent gaming experience. Game Mode can smartly detect the changes in scenes, helps maximise the colour and alters the screen’s contrast to make dark spots dark and light spots light. There is little lag thanks to a fast video response time that helps ensure that the picture keeps up with action and won’t let you down.
Versatile connectivity for your compatible devices
Your Samsung UHD monitor is ideal for your compatible game consoles as well as your compatible PC. Thanks to 2 HDMI ports, both your computer and your console can be connected simultaneously, so you don’t have to unplug and plug in each time when you want to switch between them. That means little hassle and lots of time for entertainment. Thanks to DisplayPort connectivity, your monitor is also ready to connect to UHD-compatible devices and content.
Simple design puts immersive viewing at the forefront
A beautiful UHD picture should be the centre of attention, and Samsung’s sophisticated simple design helps make sure it is. With clean lines and a modern look, the sleek Samsung monitor is constructed from high-quality metal materials and has an understated T-shape body that helps make the picture prominent. The tilt function lets you adjust the monitor to a comfortable level, and it’s designed to take up little space.



Samsung is a multinational company that has today, become one of the world’s leading companies in electronics. The company was founded on 1 March 1938 in Daegu, Japanese Korea by a man named Lee Byung-chul. Their headquarters is located in 40th floor Samsung electronics building, 11, Seocho-daero 74-gil, Seocho District, Seoul, South Korea. Their website is The company distributes its products worldwide with a vast number of its products and divisions. The company has different segments which are electronics, Samsung C&T Corporation, Samsung heavy industries, Samsung SDS, Samsung life insurance, Samsung fire and marine insurance and Cheil worldwide. The products they offer are apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, solid state drives, DRAM, ships, telecommunications equipment and home appliances. Due to a battery defects, Samsung recalled it Galaxy Note7 smart phones on 2 August, 2016.