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NETGEAR M6100-44GF3 Chassis Switch Starter Kit (XCM8903, APS1000W, AFT603, XCM8944F)


XCM8903SF-10000S (Netgear / Networking – Switch)

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XCM8903SF-10000S –  M6100-44GF3 starter kit contains :

1x blade 40xSFP + 4x10G (XCM8944F)
1x power supply unit (APS1000W)
1x fan tray front to back (AFT603)
2x blank panels for open blade slots
3x power supply panels for empty PSU slots
Rack-mount kit for 2-post racks and wiring cabinets
Sliding rails kit for 4-post racks and wiring cabinets

The NETGEAR LAN Access and Aggregation Chassis M6100 series delivers L2/L3/L4 and IPv4/IPv6 rich services for enterprise edge and SMB core deployments, as well as 1G/10G mixed infrastructures in server rooms. Innovative distributed fabric provides non-stop forwarding resiliency and world-class availability – including passive backplane, hitless failover, redundant fabric and redundant management – without having to pay the exorbitant acquisition and maintenance costs associated by other networking vendors in this class. NETGEAR Lan Access and Aggregation Chassis Switch solutions combine the latest advances in hardware and software engineering for higher flexibility, lower complexity and stronger investment protection, at a high-value price point. 




Netgear is an American networking equipment company that distributes products to consumers, service providers and businesses. The company was founded in January 8, 1996 and has their headquarters located in San Jose, California, United States. Their official website is They operate in three major business segments which are Retail, commercial and as service providers. The company’s products are Hubs, routers, DSL, Cable Gateways, switches, wireless access points, storage and security IP cameras. In 2016, Netgear recorded a total of 945 employees. Their revenue that year was US $1.32 billion with a total net income of US $75.8 million. The company build their product on a series of proven technology like Ethernet, Powerline, WiFi and LTE.