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Wireless Mouse 900 EN/XT/ZH/HI/KO/TH APAC Hdwr Black


PW4-00005(WLMS900) (Microsoft / Mouse)

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Wireless Mouse 900

Proof Points

  • Full-size mouse
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Customizable buttons

Full-size comfort, best-in-class navigation, great value

This full-size mouse provides comfortable, precise navigation for use in either hand. It has an amazing 2- year average battery life and customizable buttons to give you access to the Windows features you use most.

Key Feature

  • • Full-size mouse provides comfortable, precise navigation
  • • Ambidextrous design is great for use in either hand
  • • Customizable buttons give you access to the Windows features you use most
  • • 2-year average battery life
  • • 3-year Hardware warranty

Additional Requirements include:

  • 2 AA alkaline batteries (included)
  • USB port (proprietary 2.4 GHz included)




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