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RackSwitch G7028 (Rear to Front)


7159BAX (Lenovo / Server Accessory)

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The Lenovo RackSwitch™ G7028 is an inexpensive, entry-level Layer 2 1/10 Gb Ethernet switch that is designed for the data center. Data center customers continue to deploy applications by using 1 GbE networking switches while 10 GbE continues to grow for customer solutions that require greater I/O bandwidth. The RackSwitch G7028 is an ideal solution for data center customers who need an economical 1 Gb and 10 Gb connectivity solution.

The RackSwitch G7028 is a top-of-rack data center switch that delivers excellent non-blocking, wire speed performance at an attractive price point. It supports 24x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45 ports and four 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports standard, while typically using only 45 watts of power. The RackSwitch G7028 is also designed with rear-to-front airflow, which allows for flexible mounting of the switch in a rack cabinet and provides convenient cable management and significant savings in cooling costs.

The RackSwitch G7028 switch is considered particularly suited for the following customers:

  • Customers who want to use GbE in their infrastructure (servers and networking)
  • Customers who are implementing a virtualized environment and require multiple GbE ports
  • Customers who require investment protection for 10 GbE ports
  • Customers who want to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve performance while maintaining high levels of availability and security
  • Customers who want to avoid or minimize oversubscription, which can result in congestion and loss of performance
  • Customers who want to implement a converged infrastructure with NAS or iSCSI

The G7028 switch offers the following key features and benefits:

Increases network performance

The RackSwitch G7028 provides up to 128 Gbps of switching throughput, supports four SFP+ 10 Gb uplink ports for zero oversubscription, and has a port to port latency of 3.3 microseconds.

Lower power and exceptional cooling

The RackSwitch G7028 typically uses only 45 W of power. Unlike side-cooled switches, which can cause heat recirculation and reliability concerns, the RackSwitch G7028 switch’s rear-to-front cooling design reduces data center air conditioning costs by matching airflow to the server’s configuration in the rack.

Fault tolerance

These switches learn alternative paths automatically and perform faster convergence if there is a link, switch, or power failure. The switch uses technologies, such as Virtual Link Aggregation, L2 trunk failover, and Hot Links.

Seamless interoperability

RackSwitch switches interoperate seamlessly with other vendors’ upstream switches.




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