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Asus ROG Enthusiast SLI Bridge – 3 Slots, Illuminated Logo, Brushed Aluminium


ROG-SLI-HB-BRIDGE-3SLOT (Asus / PC System Accessory)

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Bridging the performance and aesthetics

  • Ultra-premium brushed aluminum finish with illuminated ROG logo
  • Available in two-, three-, and four-way SLI configurations for extensive compatibility with ASUS and NVIDIA reference graphics card



Asus is a computer hardware elctronics company which was founded in April 2, 1989. The company was founded by Ted Hsu, M. T. Liao, Wayne Tsiah and T. H. Tung with their headquarters based in Beitou District, Taipei, Republic of China, Taiwan. Their contact is by phone: 0800-093-456, 0800-010-980 or through their website: Their products are laptops, desktops, mobile phones, monitors, projectors, graphics cards, servers, optical storage, multimedia products, netbooks, PCs, workstations, motherboards, peripherals, wearables and tablets. As of the year 2014, Asus was the 5th largest PC vendor when it came to unit sales. Though as of 2015 Asus became the 4th largest PC vendor in terms of unit sales.