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4TB d2 Thunderbolt2 & USB 3.0


STEX4000300 (LaCie / Hard Drive – External)

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LaCie has redefined a proven design with the new d2. Featuring Thunderbolt 2,

USB 3.0, and a professional Seagate 6 TB 7200 RPM hard disk, the LaCie d2

delivers superb performance for heavy data users. It’s even possible to boost

speeds to up to 1150 MB/s and add 128 GB of SSD storage by installing the LaCie

d2 SSD Upgrade (sold separately). Additionally, the LaCie d2 features an

innovative all-aluminum unibody enclosure for incredible durability and low





LaCie is a computer hardware company that specialises in external hard drives, flash drives, optical drives and computer monitors. The company is a subsidiary of Seagate technology. The Company LaCie was founded in 1987 in Oregon but was founded in 1989 in Paris. Their headquarters is located in Paris, France. Their website is LaCie was once two separate companies. The names of the companies are Electronique d2 and LaCie. Electronique d2 was originally in Paris, France while LaCie was originally in Portland, Oregon, USA. LaCie was purchased by Plus Development in 1990. This Plus Development was a subsidiary of Quantum. Later in March 2012, Seagate Technology announced that it would purchase the company for $186 million. The transaction was closed in 2014 and Seagate gained control of it since then.