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ThunderX3 TGC15 Series Gaming Chair – Black/Orange


AER-TGC15-BO (Aerocool / PC System Accessory)

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ThunderX3 Gaming Chairs are designed for professional gamers that spend hours practicing what they do best. Whether it be trying to gain map control, pushing lanes or destroying the enemy base, or at times even randomly turning friendly fire on and off during gameplay – yes that happens. With various adjustable options, as you sit in comfort planning your next move, the ThunderX3 gaming chairs are designed to accommodate variation in the body size and preferred sitting postures of gamers.

The TGC15 (Thunder Gaming Chair) is a quality car-seat design gaming chair with faux leather covering. Soft padding in the contact areas with additional neck cushion and adjustable back cushion ensure a comfortable experience while seated for long hours. Adjust the seat height to your preferred seating position, lie back down to take a break or power nap while you plan your next move, or just switch to the rocking mechanism while you rock back and forth in glee at the winning move you just executed. From the living room to the gaming room, plan the next world domination from the comfort of your gaming chair.




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