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Vrova Smartbox 36 Bay Notebook/Chromebook & Tablet Charging Trolley Up to 15.6″ Devices


SB-CT36BNT (Alogic / Power Supply and Battery Pack)

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VROVA Smartbox (SBCT36BNT) is a costeffective safe and easy way to charge and secure up to 36 Notebooks Chromebooks or Tablets. Its rugged design combined with the intelligent selfmonitoring charging system makes it a veritable workhorse in any classroom environment. The Smartbox features slideout shelves for easy access to your device and a 3point locking mechanism for safety and security.Intelligent Charging System: The selfmonitoring system determines the best charging sequence for the devices. It can charge all the devices in groups of 10 at once or each group of 10 individually. Automatic safe and efficient with No programming required!Rugged & Durable Design: The Smartbox SBCT36BNT has a steel construction for durability and uses medical grade casters to provide a rugged yet easily manoeuvrable storage trolley.Easy Secure & Mobile: Holds up to 36 Notebooks Chromebooks or Tablets on easyaccess sliding shelves. Device separators with inbuilt cable managers provide easy routing of cables and tidy and safe setup. Features individual compartments to conveniently placement of AC adapters. The closed design with 3point steel locking mechanisms built into its cabinet doors provide a safe haven for your devices when they are being charged and stored.




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