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VROVA USBC/TypeC 60W Universal Charger with USBA Fast Charging Port


VWCA60 (Alogic / Notebook Accessory)

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The USB-C/Type-C 60W Universal AC Charger is a convenient, portable and safe charger for your USB-C/Type-C enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. For the first time the latest USB-C technology allows you to charge laptops, tablets and phones with a single universal charger in compliance with Power Delivery 2.0 specifications which permits automatic voltage selection to suit the device in use. It features a slim and compact design compared to bulky proprietary power bricks which make it perfect for travel or commute, or as a spare charger for home or office. Works with all USB-C/Type-C enabled devices with maximum power output of 60W.




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