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Wi-Fi Multi Room Speaker Q50 BLACK


SPK-WFQ50-BLK (Laser / Speakers)

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Welcome to next generation wireless music. The LASER WFQ50 WiFi speaker offers better sound with no dropouts. Stream music though Spotify from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Play your music in one room or multiple rooms with all the benefits of Qualcomm’s Allplay ecosystem. The benefit of the LASER WiFi music systems is that you don’t need a “bridge” WiFi device. Our WiFi speakers connect directly to your WiFi network and can be controlled via any smartphone or tablet. Download the app (iOS and Android) to send music from streaming services, your own playlist or Internet radio to one or many speakers (Whether it’s LASER branded or other Qualcomm Allplay brands). You can play one song or multiple songs across a variety of speakers and brands and all at different volumes. Say goodbye to cables and wires and put your old Bluetooth speaker away. WiFi speakers are the future of music.

Control one or many speakers 

From a tablet, smartphone or PC, you can play the same song on one or many speakers or play different songs on different speakers.
You can also set each speaker to play at different volumes, perfect for entertaining or individual listening.

1) You can play a song on one speaker or.

2) You can play a song on many speakers.

3) You can also play different songs on different speakers.

4) You can also set each speaker to play at different volumes which is perfect for entertaining or individual listening.

5) You can use different a smart phone (or tablet) playing different songs to different speakers at the same time.

Superior Sound Quality

We all know that Sound Quality is a subjective thing. One person’s perception may be different to the next. So let’s measure this in tech. Music transmitted to WiFi speakers is uncompressed (called lossless). Yes, the files are bigger but then so is the amount of musical information. Wifi Speakers can reproduce music with up to 24bit / 192kHz which is in fact which is the quality of high end audiophile sound systems. Unlike Bluetooth (which uses some nifty A2DP compression codecs), music on WiFi speakers is clearer with better sound reproduction especially in the high and low range (trebles and bass). Compared to Bluetooth, WiFi speakers don’t suffer from dropouts and have a wider range (so you can move around the house whilst still listening to your tunes). Furthermore, the LASER WFQ50 is equipped with 802.11 a/b/g/n fast WiFi with a high quality onboard D/A and amplifier producing 50 watts RMS through 2 full range speakers and a passive subwoofer…. all in stereo. Like they say, you’ve got to hear it to believe it.




Laser is a private company in the industry of consumer electronics. It was founded in 1987. The company’s headquarters is located in North Ryde, NSW, Australia. Their products are circulated through Australia and New Zealand. The company’s official website is The products which the company manufactures are digital radios, car DVD, smartphones, PVRs, e-book readers, smart homes, 360 VR products, Blu-ray Disc players, DVD players, sound bars, multiroom wifi speakers, tablet charging carts, tablet computers, sport cameras, home appliances, netbooks, homekit and much more. In the year 2001, Laser opened an office location in China at CBD of Shenzhen. Laser appointed Ingram Micro as one of their distributors in 2003. By 2008, the company Synnex teamed up with Laser.