Quality of service for your hosted pbx system

Quality of service for your hosted PBX phone system

There’s no underestimating the importance of call quality to your business communication network. While some delays are unavoidable, you want to make sure that you don’t have to deal with the delays that aren’t.
Quality of service is the term used to describe your router’s ability to prioritise VoIP above regular internet traffic. Because VoIP is a real-time protocol, your call will decrease in quality or drop out completely if information is lost or delayed. This is why quality of service is such an important consideration when installing your hosted PBX phone system. And, just like bandwidth and router choice, the larger the office network, the more important your quality of service considerations should be.




How to ensure quality of service for your hosted PBX system

The best way to ensure quality of service for your hosted PBX system is to have a dedicated internet connection that is used solely for VoIP calls, and a separate internet connection that is used for computers and other devices.

Zero quality of service

When you have one, single internet connection, your router does not separate voice traffic from internet traffic and, as a result, your VoIP calls are not prioritised. Call quality will be degraded if there is insufficient bandwidth to handle both.

Router enabled quality of service

This is where the voice traffic and internet traffic share an internet connection, but your router is able to distinguish between the two and give priority to voice traffic. The only problem is that routers can only prioritise upload bandwidth, which means that large and regular downloads can cause a decrease is call quality. Still, it is a better option than zero quality of service.

Separate Internet Connections

This is the most reliable recommended quality of service. Your internet traffic and voice traffic each use a different internet connection. This means that your regular traffic can never interfere with your VoIP call quality.

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