We know how important your privacy is to you, and that’s why we consider the security of the data inside your aconnect account with upmost importance. Our entire service has been created to be secure at every level, from your own personal information, to the data you download, use and collect from your devices. Access is only available to users that are registered with your account.


Only users with a valid username and password are able to access and aconnect account. It is generally the user’s responsibility to remember and keep their password and login information safe, however, you can opt to have the aconnect website remember your password for you. In this case, your session details will be stored on an encrypted cookie that is locked to only the device that was used to login, and the device will never reveal the login details to any user.

Aconnect employees do not have direct access to any of our user’s stored data on our servers, except in the case where it is necessary to access it for system backup or maintenance purposes, or if the user requests it.

User Connection Security

When accessing your account via a web browser, a secure COMODO SSL certificate is always used. This encrypted communication is both secure and private.

Server Security and Data Backups

The aconnect servers are hosted, maintained, and managed at a secure data centre with highly controlled physical access, with a minimum number of access points, 24 hour security monitoring in place, with firewall protection. We implement strict practices to ensure that no outside access is available to anyone other than those requiring it for maintenance or security purposes.

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