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With a fantastic range of features available, and at only $1 per month service fee, you can completely customise your office phone system to include everything and anything you want. You can also select from 8 digital voices to communicate with your callers, and we also offer a scripting service for your pre recorded messages.

All of the features and programming are managed from our office, and you can rest assured that your PBX System is safely hosted from our secure data centre. We handle the complicated stuff, and you can get on with the business of running your business.

No more complicated updates and maintenance…No more wasted time…No more wasted money!

Your callers will like you. Even before they’ve spoken to a real person.

Find out how a Smart Cloud PBX System will Revolutionise the way your Business Communicates.

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On-Hold Advertising

Your Digital Secretary is the office phone assistant you’ve been waiting for!

When was the last time you were impressed by the outdated, repetitive music you’ve had to listen to while on hold ? Nobody ever is.

The time your callers spend waiting is time wasted if you’re boring them to death. With On-Hold Advertising, you can better use their time to advertise your products and services.

You’ve already got their attention….

They’re on the phone….

They’re waiting for someone to pick up….

They’re listening.

It’s time to make the most of your captive audience, and keep them on the line while they wait for an operator to answer their call.

Everything about your On-Hold Advertising is fully tailored to the needs of your business.

You can have different advertisements played on different phone numbers, extensions, and at different times of the day. You can also tailor the message a caller listens to when they choose a certain option from your Digital Secretary. For example, if the callers selects 2 for accounts and billing, you can prompt them to have their account and credit card details ready for the operator. Or, if they select sales, you can promote a new or featured product, or give advice on product compatibility. It’s entirely up to you.

You can choose to use the same digital voice recording as your Digital Secretary, or record your own voice if you wish. All of your On-Hold Advertisements will be stored in your Smart Cloud PBX System, and can be managed and updated easily with a simple call to the aconnect team. Our scripting service might also help you arrange your messages and tailor a programming solution that targets the right audience, at the right time.

Scheduled Messages

People are impatient; when they call, they want someone to answer.But we need time off, lunch breaks, and holidays, right?

Your Digital Secretary Doesn’t

If there are times when there simply isn’t anyone to answer your business phone, don’t leave your callers with the same old generic answering machine message. They won’t listen to it and, if they do call back, they certainly won’t do it a third time if they keep getting the same useless information.

Scheduled messages will give even the most impatient person a reason to call back again. Weekends, public holidays, or outside of business hours – just because you aren’t there, doesn’t mean the calls will automatically stop.

When people call during these times, Scheduled Messaging steps in to keep your callers in the loop with what’s happening in your office with time based, automated voice recordings, even when there’s no one to answer the phone.

Caller ID Presentation

All of your Smart Cloud PBX handsets will display the telephone number of an incoming call on the LCD screen.
If you’ve got the number in your phone contact list, the name of the person will also show up.

This is super handy for the clients or suppliers to whom you want to give the most personal welcome, and even better for those callers that you know you don’t want to miss!

Single Number Direct and Number Porting

Single Number Direct allocates numbers within your Smart Office PBX network, and is a great way to give the impression of size and national presence.
If you choose to have a 1800 number, your business will foot the cost of the incoming caller on behalf of the caller.

With a 1300 number, you share the cost of the call with the caller.
Whichever type of number you choose, when an incoming call enters your system, it will be directed to any office location, person or department within your organisation – the choice is yours.

The best part of having a 1300 or 1800 number is that it doesn’t matter where you go or how your business grows, you’ll never have to change your number again!

You can also bring your old phone numbers into your new phone system. When you order your Smart Cloud PBX System, talk to the aconnect team about how to best port your numbers from your existing provider.

Smart Office Connect

Being away from the office doesn’t mean being out of touch. With you Smart Cloud PBX System, you can make phone calls and use features from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

All you need is to plug your aconnect programmed handset into the connection, and it will be like you never left the office.
Which can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it!

Conference Calls

This feature allows you to hold teleconferences with full scale conference room features, all from your aconnect handset.

Call Ranger

It’s no secret that humans are impatient.
If we want something, we don’t want to wait for it.
But here’s an unfortunate fact: If you don’t answer your phone the first time a potential customer calls, there’s a good chance they’ll call another provider.

If you’re letting calls to your business phone go unanswered, you’re missing out on new customers and, let’s be honest here, probably annoying the ones you already have.

With CallRanger, you won’t have to constantly man the office waiting for those potential customers to call. You can now redirect phone lines, forward calls to your mobile or second office, redirect calls to a different extension in your Smart Cloud PBX System, and even forward your calls to Skype.

You can now spend your time doing more important stuff.

That stuff could be a meeting, a delivery, or an appointment. Maybe you just want to enjoy your lunch with friends for a bit longer.
We’re not here to judge, and your potential customers won’t judge your either.

Being away from the office doesn’t mean being out of touch. With you Smart Cloud PBX System, you can make phone calls and use features from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

As long as you answer your phone.

Smart Cloud Web Dashboard

Now you can keep track of your entire Smart Cloud PBX System from the comfort of your desk – or you laptop, or your tablet…
For just a small monthly fee, not only can you manage and keep track of everything that’s happening in your system, you can also make your own programming changes free of charge.

Voice Message to Email

Never miss another voicemail message again. With Aconnect voicemail to email, simply pick where you want your messages sent and we will email you a wave file with all the caller details.

Call Groups

This feature allows you to direct your incoming calls through your Smart Cloud PBX phone lines. They can be directed from extension to extension, or through multiple extensions at the same time, and you can even direct calls to external numbers, like mobiles, landlines, or overseas numbers.

Call Recording

Setting up this feature means that you can record calls made to or from your Smart Cloud PBX System at any time. This feature is especially valuable when it comes to training new phone personnel.

Display ID

You can set your Business number to display in your clients caller ID when making calls from any phone in your Smart Cloud PBX System. This means your clients can easily identify your number and answer the call.

Call Detail Records

Records of each call made from your Smart Office network are saved an easily accessed, so that you can view calls at any time in the web interface.

Call Transfer

Gives you the ability to transfer incoming calls to other extensions in your Smart Office telephone system, or to an outside line.

Call Hold

When you have an active call but you need to attend to something while they are on the line, you can put the call on hold, ready for you to pick up again at any time. This is a great opportunity to promote your products and services using On Hold Advertising.


If your business receives a lot of incoming calls, don’t let them get a busy message. Place them in a queue, and have the next available staff member answer when they are available. You can have only certain staff members available for call queue answers, or your entire office – it’s up to you.

Music on Hold

This feature allows you to activate a music track of your choice for callers to enjoy while they are on hold or in a queue.

Call Waiting

A light will display on your handset when you receive an incoming call while you are already on an active call.

Extension Dialing

Now you can have internal extension numbers within your Smart Cloud BX network, so individual users can have their own individual phone numbers. This is a big winner when it comes to using your Digital Secretary to it’s full capacity


You can record a greeting for calls that go unanswered, and callers can leave a message in response.

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