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You want your business phone calls to run as smoothly as possible, every time.

And so do we.

That’s why we don’t rely on other providers to give you the bandwidth you need. Your Smart Cloud PBX System will run on a high speed aconnect internet connection.

It means we can ensure you’ve got the speed you need, or find a solution if you don’t.

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SmartPBX Business 400GB



1 NBN Voice (Uni-V) activation


  • Local Phone Calls (PAYG)
  • National Phone Calls (PAYG)
  • 13/1300 Calls (PAYG)
  • Au Mobile (PAYG)
  • International Calls (PAYG)
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Your Choice of Handsets


From $9.95/month

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Fully Hosted from our Secure Data Centre

Tired and confused by having to maintain your hardware? Frustrated by the need to regularly update your telephone network with new cables and phone lines?

Say goodbye to all of these hassles and more, because all of the complicated stuff is our department.

With Smart Cloud PBX, you now have a functional, unified, virtual office phone system that grows with your business, and it’s all updated and managed by us.

So you can get on with the business of running your business.

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The Phone Solution that Grows with your Business?

Your Smart Cloud PBX system expands as your business does.

Once installed, you will no longer have to purchase and update expensive equipment,and you can say goodbye to traditional landline rental fees and ageing technology.

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    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Auto attendant
      • Customised IVR’S
      • Redirects Calls
      • Multiple extensions
      • Mobility
      • Time based messages
      • Voicemail to email
      • Fax over IP
      • Conference calls
      • Call groups
      • Click to call
      • Multi-device integration

    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Free calls within your network
      • Multiple office locations
      • international office
      • integrated mobile
      • 1800/1300 number
      • Number porting
      • Location based messages
      • Call forwarding
      • Simultaneous ringing
      • Call Queues
      • Call park and pickup
      • Mobile office

    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Professional greeting
      • On hold advertising
      • Music on hold
      • Call recording
      • Call supervision
      • Caller ID persentation
      • Call monitoring
      • Real-time calendar
      • Web based management
      • Self-manage features
      • Real time reports
      • Number management

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NBN Voice (Uni-V) 1st line

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Unify Your Business Network

Connecting multiple offices, mobile agents, and even integrated devices internationally, there’s never been a simpler or more efficient way to manage your office telephone network.

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