The NBN brings new options for telephone service in Australia

Should you use a landline, UNI-V, or VoIP?

With the NBN being rolled out across the country, Australians are now finding themselves with more options for their home and business phone services than the traditional landline. This article will explain to you what these options are, and how each of them work.

The Traditional Landline Phone Network

Traditional landlines have been brought to you via copper wiring for decades. The telephone in your home is plugged into an outlet that is connected directly to the public telephone network via old copper wiring. With traditional landline phones, you use a telephone service provider to hire the line itself, and pay for calls from the line.

With the NBN, the old copper wire network is going to eventually be wiped out. You will, when that time comes, have to move to a UNI-V or VoIP system for your home and business phone calls.

UNI-V Phone Services

The NBN Connection Box that will be installed in your home when you get the NBN has two UNI-V ports. You plug your old telephone into a UNI-V port, and make calls using the NBN fibre-optic wires.

Because your telephone network is no longer connected to the old landline, your service now needs to be provided by your internet service provider (ISP). It is as easy as contacting AConnect or another ISP and asking them to connect your phone to the UNI-V system.

VoIP Phone Services

VoIP phone plans use your NBN internet connection to make and receive phone calls. It’s not as simple as UNI-V, because it isn’t a part of the NBN network, and you will need to port your existing phone number to a VoIP service, or elect to have a new VoIP phone number. You will also need to have a VoIP phone, or purchase an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), in order to make calls. Also, because VoIP uses the internet, if there is a power failure, you will not be able to make phone calls.

Contact AConnect today to find out about our VoIP phone services.

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