Unanswered calls damaging your business

How are unanswered calls damaging your business?

Put yourself in this picture. You want to hire a service and you look in a directory and find, say, 50 suppliers. You call Business A, the first one listed, or the one you’ve heard of before, because you don’t really know where else to start.

The phone rings out, you don’t really want to leave a message, or you don’t get the option to. You hang up.
But you really need that service.

So you go back to the directory, and call Business B, the nest one listed. They answer, you get a quote, and you go with them. It was simple, and now you’ve got what you wanted.
But what happens to poor old Business A? How many times does this happen that they don’t know about?
How many potential customers are Business A handing over to Business B unknowingly?

It get’s worse; people are talking about unanswered calls to your business

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Social media means that people aren’t just hanging up and going about their merry way. Now they’re telling people about the bad customer service of a business that doesn’t answer.
I typed “businesses not answering phone” into Twitter search, and this is what I found:


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