VoIP for your business

How to get VoIP for your Business


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What is VoIP?

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. Basically, instead of using a traditional landline to communicate over the telephone, it uses an internet connection. This means that, rather than using the copper wire provided by your phone company (and paying your bill directly to them), your phone calls are incorporated into your internet service with your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

How does VoIP work?

VoIP passes data back and forth between the callers and receivers IP addresses using high speed internet. Voice signals are transferred into data that are then transmitted back and forth between the IP addresses of both caller and receiver. VoIP can carry a lot more data than a traditional landline, and works at much higher speeds.

Benefits of VoIP for your business

Because you no longer need to hire a landline through a phone company and pay their rates for each phone call you make, the saving of a VoIP network are its major benefit. This type of communication can dramatically reduce the cost of calling local, long distance, and even international phone calls.

What You’ll Need to get VoIP for your Business

High Speed Internet

The NBN is being rolled out across Australia, and in just a few years every home and business will have to change over to this new network. Having a fast internet service is essential for VoIP to work effectively, so the first step is to find out when the NBN will be available in your area, and get connected straight away.

A VoIP phone

It sounds complicated, but a VoIP phone is just like any other phone, except it is designed to transfer the data using your internet connection, rather than a landline.

How do I get VoIP for my Business?

The best option is to contact an ISP provider like AConnect and arrange an internet and phone solution that will make the most of VoIP technology, and get the right VoIP phone for your needs. Find out more about getting VoIP for your business now.

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